Install Proftpd on gentoo

1, add “ftp” use flag to /etc/make.conf

ns2 ~ # emerge proftpd
ns2 ~ # cd /etc/proftpd
ns2 proftpd # cp proftpd.conf.distrib proftpd.conf
ns2 proftpd # vim proftpd.conf
ServerName “ProFTPD Default Installation” -> ServerName “ftp.ns2.example.local”
#DefaultRoot ~ -> comment out
if you like to enable root login: add
RootLogin on
change Server Identification: add
ServerIndent on  ” Ftp Server at …..”
ns2 proftpd # /etc/init.d/proftpd start && rc-update add proftpd default
ns2 etc # vim ftpusers
Comment out root