Vmware Server2 shutdown guest when shutdown/reboot host on gentoo

1, Setup vmware to suspend or shutdown from Edit virtual machine startup/shutdown settings

2. add “/etc/init.d/vmware stop” into /etc/conf.d/local.stop


Refrence : http://www.wiredrevolution.com/gentoo/run-a-command-at-boot-with-gentoo

Normally in Gentoo you would want to create an init script via rc-update to start a service at boot. However if there are a few miscellaneous commands you would like to run you can add them to local.start.

The local.start init script is similar to rc.local in other distributions. It is the last init script to be run after all other services have been started at the end of the boot process.

Add your commands to local.start file located here.

You can also make commands run when the system is shutdown. These commands should be placed in local.stop located here.

Vmware Server2 console not popup on gentoo

When Vmware server2 console not popup with those error

ns2 ~ # firefox
No running windows found
vmware-vmrc: symbol lookup error
libvmwareui.so.0/libvmwareui.so.0: undefined symbol: _ZThn16_N3Gtk5TableD1Ev


ns2 ~ # VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_GTK=yes firefox

updating kernel on gentoo

ns2 ~ # emerge –sync
ns2 ~ # emerge –update –deep -p world

to check?

ns2 ~ # emerge –update –deep world

if no prob

ns2 ~ # emerge kernel-source

change symbolic link
Eg., /usr/src/linux -> linux-2.6.26-gentoo-r4/ must point latest kernel source

make config for kernel
Eg., copy old .config to new kernel and run

ns2 linux # make oldconfig

compile kernel, set grub

if using nvidia for graphic must re-compile nvidia modules else X not startup.
Eg., run “module-rebuild rebuild”. Need sys-kernel/module-rebuild or

ns2 ~ # emerge ndivia-drivers
ns2 ~ # ldmod | grep nvidia && rmmod nvidia
ns2 ~ # modprobe nvidia
ns2 ~ # update-modules