updating kernel on gentoo

ns2 ~ # emerge –sync
ns2 ~ # emerge –update –deep -p world

to check?

ns2 ~ # emerge –update –deep world

if no prob

ns2 ~ # emerge kernel-source

change symbolic link
Eg., /usr/src/linux -> linux-2.6.26-gentoo-r4/ must point latest kernel source

make config for kernel
Eg., copy old .config to new kernel and run

ns2 linux # make oldconfig

compile kernel, set grub

if using nvidia for graphic must re-compile nvidia modules else X not startup.
Eg., run “module-rebuild rebuild”. Need sys-kernel/module-rebuild or

ns2 ~ # emerge ndivia-drivers
ns2 ~ # ldmod | grep nvidia && rmmod nvidia
ns2 ~ # modprobe nvidia
ns2 ~ # update-modules

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